News 2023-11-17

Rianlon Showcases Weathering Products for Waterborne and Powder Coatings at CHINACOAT2023

As a leading figure in the coatings industry, Rianlon offers a full range of anti-aging products and solutions. Beyond excelling in anti-aging technology, the company has embraced the challenge of developing eco-friendly solutions to meet market demands.



At CHINACOAT 2023, Rianlon presents customers with a comprehensive lineup of anti-aging additives and solutions, encompassing UV absorbers, Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS), antioxidants, and customized blend formulations for the coatings industry. Our focus lies in delivering novel environmentally friendly products tailored for waterborne and powder coatings. We specialize in addressing the requirements of automotive coatings, industrial coatings, powder coatings, wood coatings, and waterborne coatings for our clientele.



Aligned with the industry's green and environmental trends, Rianlon is launching specific products during this exhibition:


1. Diverse anti-aging additives for waterborne coatings 


Addressing varying customer needs within the waterborne coatings sector, Rianlon provides a comprehensive range, catering from general weather resistance to high weather resistance requirements, alongside waterborne light stabilizers and antioxidants. Our offerings present a wide array of high-quality choices for coating applications. For instance, our U-pack® 7742W, specially designed for waterborne coatings, stands out due to:


Easy to Operate: U-pack® UV-7742W can form a stable emulsion with simple stirring, therefore simplifying the application process. Manufacturers can easily integrate it into their waterborne coating formulations without requiring specialized equipment or complex processes.

Storage and Transportation Convenience: As a water-free product, U-pack® UV-7742W could avoid freezing problems during storage and transportation. This feature can save costs and make handling and logistics more straightforward.

Extended Shelf Life: With better compatibility and stability in long-term storage, U-pack® UV- 7742W offers longer shelf life compared to other types of dispersions. This allows manufacturers to plan their production and distribution more efficiently.

Higher Active Content: Thanks to its high active content, U-pack® UV-7742W can deliver the same RIASORB® UV-400 performance with a smaller amount, making it more efficient and costeffective in waterborne coating formulations. 


(Click on the link to learn more about U-pack® 7742W)

2. High-performance weathering products for powder coatings 


Recognized for their efficiency, energy-saving attributes, and eco-friendliness, powder coatings hold an increasing market share. To meet the escalating weather resistance demands of powder coating customers, Rianlon introduces a series of stabilizers, including the high-performance UV absorber, RIASORB® UV-405.


RIASORB® UV-405 offers robust solutions for weather resistance requirements in powder coatings, boasting advantages such as strong UV absorption efficiency, minimal migration loss, low melting temperature, and excellent compatibility.


Additionally,our solutions address typical issues like high-temperature aging and yellowing due to gas fumigation, providing practical technical support to the industry.


Arvin Yang, Technical Marketing Manager of Coatings Industry at Rianlon, expressed, "We aim to engage in discussions on the new demands and future trends of the coating industry with both new and existing customers at CHINACOAT2023. Together, let's navigate the new challenges posed by the times and explore new possibilities!"



With six production bases in China, Rianlon maintains long-standing collaborations with exceptional coating enterprises globally, ensuring stable product quality and supply. Leveraging our global distribution network, we offer prompt product delivery and technical services worldwide.



Remaining committed to our mission of "creating a better life with chemistry and biology," Rianlon stays true to our original aspiration. We are dedicated to advancing and establishing ourselves as a globally renowned provider of fine chemicals and biological products. Rianlon eagerly anticipates offering you outstanding solutions for your anti-aging needs!