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Report Fraud

Fight against Fraud

1. Which kind of behaviors should be reported? The behaviors that violate the Company's policies, business ethics and other deeds that damage the interests of the Company and its employees. Rianlon welcomes any unit or individuals to report or expose to the Audit Department in the form of publicity or confidentiality.

2. Rewards for Reporting: According to the report investigation results, Rianlon will reward 10% - 20% based on the recovery of economic losses or the improper benefits obtained by the wrongdoer recognized by the judicial organ, with the maximum reward for single report amounting to RMB200,000.

3. Commitment of Rianlon: Rianlon will conduct the investigation strictly according to the procedures and keep all the information confidential for the informant.

4. Example of Reporting

Wrongdoer: NAME

Fact: Please describe the fact the wrongdoer has done that violates certain regulations and damages somebody’s interests on a certain date.

Evidence: transaction record/photos/sound recording/ videos (please provide related clues or evidences as detailed as possible)

Informant: NAME (or anonymous)

Contact information: phone/email/QQ/WeChat or smoothers (please be sure to keep in touch so that we can implement the evidence and report the reward to you after investigation)

NOTE: The Company’s Audit Department will not investigate the behavior if there is no clear clue, evidence, or no response to subsequent contact.

5. Ways of Reporting

5.1 Telephone number: 022-83718817-8118

5.2 Email: audit@rianlon.com

5.3 Report face to face: at the time and place to be agreed.

5.4 Send by Post: 20 F, Tower F 20 Kaihua Road, Huayuan Industrial Park, Tianjin 300484 China.  Audit Department