News 2023-10-16

U-pack® UV-7742W: High-performance UVA for waterborne coatings

The rise of waterborne coatings as  an environmentally-friendly solution 

By addressing the challenges of dispersing and stabilizing RIASORB® UV-400 in aqueous systems, U-pack® UV-7742W opens up new opportunities for the use of waterborne coatings in various applications. 

As a new environment-friendly technology, waterborne coatings have gained ever-growing attention. This technology is encouraged by both environmental policies and market development. Nowadays, it has achieved remarkable success in automotive, industrial  equipment, house decoration, or other high performance fields.


U-pack® UV-7742W: Sustainable solution for superior weather resistance  of water-borne coatings 

RIASORB® UV-400 is well known as a "magic tool" for weather resistance in high  performance coatings, due to its excellent UV absorption. However, there is a big challenge  when it is applied in waterborne coatings. RIASORB® UV-400 is difficult to be dispersed or be  stabilized in the aqueous systems.  Therefore, Rianlon launches a novel product: U-pack® UV-7742W, which is specially  designed for waterborne coatings. It can form a stable dispersion in aqueous systems, and provide good compatibility in long-term storage. Thereby greatly satisfies demand of weather  resistance from waterborne coatings. They’re environmental friendliness and compliance with  market demands align with the increasing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly  technologies.

As a result, manufacturers in automotive, industrial equipment, house decoration, and  other high-performance fields can now benefit from enhanced weather resistance  without compromising their commitment to environmental protection.

The unique advantages of U-pack® UV-7742W


The active component of U-pack® UV-7742W is RIASORB® UV-400, the high-performance  triazine UV absorber. As a waterborne product, U-pack® UV-7742W has some unique  advantages: 

Easy to Operate: U-pack® UV-7742W can form a stable emulsion with simple stirring, therefore  simplifying the application process. Manufacturers can easily integrate it into their waterborne  coating formulations without requiring specialized equipment or complex processes. 

Storage and Transportation Convenience: As a water-free product, U-pack® UV-7742W could  avoid freezing problems during storage and transportation. This feature can save costs and make  handling and logistics more straightforward. 

Extended Shelf Life: With better compatibility and stability in long-term storage, U-pack® UV- 7742W offers longer shelf life compared to other types of dispersions. This allows manufacturers  to plan their production and distribution more efficiently. 

Higher Active Content: Thanks to its high active content, U-pack® UV-7742W can deliver the  same RIASORB® UV-400 performance with a smaller amount, making it more efficient and cost effective in waterborne coating formulations. 


The figure to the left shows an application test of  U-pack® UV-7742W, in combination with  U-pack® UV-7753W, a hindered light stabilizer.  The yellow topcoat tested here was used for  heavy-duty equipment. This test was referred to  ASTM G154-06, cycle 1.  

The result indicated that U-pack® UV-7742W  stabilized coating achieved excellent color  retention.


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