News 2023-06-05

Rianlon Successful Participation at STLE Exhibition in Long Beach, CA


The highly anticipated STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers) exhibition took place from May 21st to May 25th. The exhibition attracted industry professionals and visitors from around the world. Rianlon, a leading manufacturer and supplier of lubricant additives, proudly showcased our extensive products offering and expertise. Located at booth number 721, Rianlon warmly welcomed customers and friends throughout the event.


During the exhibition, Rianlon highlighted the collaboration with the newly joined Kangtai Lubricant Additive team. This collaboration has enabled Rianlon to expand our product offerings for the lubricant industry. In addition to our well known antioxidants product line, Rianlon now offers a comprehensive range of additives, such as ZDDP, Detergents (Calcium Sulfonate, Phenate, etc), PIBSI/PIBSA, marine packages,  industrial packages, etc. 


Rianlon's team held productive conversations with industry professionals, addressing their specific needs and requirements. With eight production sites strategically located around the globe, Rianlon is well prepared to serve the needs of lubricant customers worldwide. Our global sales network ensures stable supply, excellent customer service and on time delivery. In the meantime, our dedicated technical support team provides exceptional service and assistance to customers.



"We are thrilled with the successful participation at the STLE Exhibition," said Henry Yao,  Deputy Regional Manager Americas at Rianlon. "It was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with our valued customers and industry professionals, and to showcase our expanded product portfolio. We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the lubricant industry."


As Rianlon's successful participation at STLE comes to an end, our commitment to advancing the lubricant industry through innovation, collaboration, and superior product offerings remains strong. We are grateful to all those who visited our booth and showed interest in our products. We look forward to building upon the connections made during the exhibition and continuing to meet the diverse lubricant needs of to our global clientele.Stay tuned for future updates on our contributions to this ever-evolving sector.




About Rianlon:

Rianlon is a leading company in the lubricant additives industry, specializing in the production of lubricant additives components and packages.Rianlon also offers a complete product portfolio of anti-aging additives for Polymers, including GAO, SAO, UVA, HALS and U-pack®. 




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