News 2024-05-21

Rianlon Showcases Expertise in Powder Coating Solutions at Oxyplast Exchange Conference

Oxyplast UK, a renowned powder coating manufacturer with a 40-year history, has been providing high-quality powder coating products to the architectural, general industrial, and automotive sectors. Beyond their production prowess, they also offer technical licenses and related technical authorizations to numerous manufacturers in the industry.


On May 15, 2024, Oxyplast convened its prestigious quadrennial Powder Coating Exchange Conference in Ghent, where the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in powder coatings were deliberated. Rianlon, distinguished as the sole additives manufacturer in attendance, delivered an engaging and impressive presentation.



At the conference, our Application Technology Engineer, Yiran Wang, shared insights on the development trends of additives in powder coatings, with a focus on the regulatory status of benzotriazole products. Currently, due to the potential risks of UV-326 and UV-329 being listed under REACH, finding alternative products has become a hot topic in the industry. Yiran demonstrated the safety of most benzotriazole products from multiple perspectives, including biological test data and the regulatory certification process.



Specifically, he proved that RIASORB® UV-234 and RIASORB® UV-928 are ideal substitutes for use in powder coatings from both biosafety and application effectiveness standpoints.Furthermore,  Rianlon also shared information regarding antioxidants and U-pack products during the meeting.


Rianlon is steadfast in its commitment to supplying safe and dependable products to the powder coating industry. We extend our support through ongoing technical assistance, grounded in expert regulatory and technical analyses, ensuring our customers remain at the forefront of industry advancements.