News 2024-05-17

NPE2024 | Rianlon exhibited our focus on green sustainable technology and support for the industry’s new development

From May 6th to 10th, NPE2024 was held in Orlando. As a leading and major polymer anti-aging product manufacturer, Rianlon presented a full portfolio of polymer anti-aging product to our customers from all over the world.


In addition to our antioxidants, UV absorbers and HALS products for rubber and plastic industry, Rianlon also presented customers with a full series of U-pack® solutions. U-pack is the one-stop solution to meet the anti-oxidation and outdoor weathering requirements. Two best-selling HALS, RIASORB® UV-119 and RIASORB® UV-2020, caught the spotlight at our booth. These products enhance the weathering resistance and outdoor durability of materials, aligning perfectly with our sustainable development goals.


In the same time, we also showcased our well-known products - Triazine based UV absorbers RIASORB® UV-1164 and RIASORB® UV-1577. With their outstanding performance, regulatory compliance and safety application, these two products absolutely meet customers' overall requirements.


In terms of the aging issue of recycled materials, Rianlon provides innovative solutions, which significantly improve the service life and stable performance of recycled materials. In addition, Rianlon also well-developed high efficient products and solutions to support the cutting-edge technologies for automotive and home appliances.



Kevin Li, General Manager of Rianlon's Marketing Center, emphasized, "Rianlon has never stopped pursuing sustainable developments. Sustainability is not just a slogan but also the core driving force for our business development and innovation. We believe that at Rianlon's booth, the visitors can fully experience our efforts and achievements in environmental protection, sustainability, and innovation.”


Through this exhibition, Rianlon not only demonstrated our innovation capability, but also our firm commitment on sustainable development. With our six major production sites and a well-developed global network, including our subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, and Japan, Rianlon provides quick and efficient one-stop anti-aging solutions and technical support for customers in the Americas and around the world. In the future, Rianlon will continue to focus on customer needs, introduce new products, and promote the industry development in a greener and more sustainable direction!